Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cow Art and World Dairy Expo #WDE12

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Wow!  We're heading to World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, in a couple of weeks, and there is so much to do!  One of the things is (obviously) to take art to sell.  While doing inventory last week, I snapped a few random pictures of some of the cow art that will be headed to the event.

Have you seen our World Dairy Expo exclusive jewelry charm yet?  I wanted a special way to celebrate our inaugural attendance at this year's expo.  It's a limited edition and can be bought at WDE or ordered online.

If you're old school like me and still need a bookmark (I don't know how I could ever go digital on cookbooks), you won't want to miss our magnet cow bookmarks.  They're strong enough to clip several pages at a time.  (and if you have decided you have enough cow decor in your house, there will be other country designs as well)

I have to tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE our bags with cow art by Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson.  They come in several different sizes (small purse size all the way up to a beach bag) and are the perfect fashion statement to show your dairy girl pride.

If you're a fan of realistic paintings of dairy cattle, you won't want to miss the art of Robert Duncan.  His paintings also come in cow card sets with blank insides, making them perfect for any occasion.

Just in case you thought we didn't have anything for the Jersey folks, be sure to check out our Jersey Jug jewelry charms.  Fifteen percent of the sale of each charm goes to fund American Jersey Cattle Club youth scholarships.

Looking for a 'little' something to take home to someone as a souvenir?  Our farm animal night lights easily fit into a suitcase or carry on bag and will be cherished by the recipient.  These lights have a 1/3 watt bulb and emit a soft glow.

So what you do get someone who has everything?  How about hours of entertainment putting a cow puzzle together.  Choose from two designs, Holstein or Jersey, both with artwork by Robert Duncan.

You can find Cow Art and More at World Dairy Expo in the Coliseum, main concourse, booth 62 (across from Alpine Ridge Embroidery).  Will we see you there?
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