Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A conversation with Lynn Bishop: Part 3

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What is your technique?

My paintings are realistic/representational, done in oil paints, often mixed with Winsor & Newton Liquin, which dries overnight, facilitating reworking. I have a poor visual memory, I love detail, and I love to portray an "instant in time" so my paintings are based on photos I've taken. For most of my career I used a non-electric slide viewer to look at slides of the subject as I painted, but I've now entered the digital age and view images on a laptop computer set up near my canvas. Although I rely on photographs as the basis of my paintings, I freely move subjects around and combine images from multiple photographs. In one large triptych of horses, I combined images from more than 2 dozen slides.

Picture credit: "Team Plus One", oil on canvas Click here to learn more about this horse oil painting


Mary said...

Kathy, thank you for this beautiful painting and for the conversation with Lynn Bishop. I also use photos as a basis for most of my paintings, but feel free to rearrange nature for the sake of the composition.

Your blog is varied and fresh--gives me new insights!

Your Aspire Art Think Tank friend,

Kathy said...


You are quite welcome! I love giving the artists the chance to share their inspiration with everyone.

dolls like us said...

The horses makee it look like I am really there.

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