Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Am I superwoman? Hardly.

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I get the comment from amazed and bewildered people from time to time regarding my many hats (veterinarian, jewelry artist, art gallery owner, mom, agnerd, volunteer -- and not necessarily in that order depending on the day).

"How do you get it all done?"

I don't know that I do anything much different from anyone else, but here's my take on how I get things done (outside of my magic wand):

  1. I don't sleep much. Caffeine and I are close friends, and I don't spend much time with my head on a pillow. While this let's me get a lot done, I am working hard on trying to change this. I have a sneaking suspicion that it's affecting my health in not a good way, so this one has got to get remedied sooner rather than later.
  2. I don't do anymore housework than absolutely necessary. Not kidding. I do my best to make sure my kids go to school in clean clothes and don't get sick from a food borne illness, but the rest gets done......whenever. My little peeps (or Hurricane three boys as I affectionately refer to them sometimes) can destroy a house in minutes. Seriously. So why spend hours (yes, hours) cleaning up only to have chaos again in a matter of minutes? I have just learned to live with the chaos and not have people over to visit without 3 weeks notice and a cleaning crew scheduled.
  3. This next one is a biggie. I didn't even realize my advantage here until a couple of years ago. My husband works at the grocery store. I send a list with him every day or two and I almost never have to go. I figure this one saves me three to five hours a week, easy.
  4. I don't watch much TV. Okay, I do like watching a few shows, but when I do, it's on the DVR or online. Zip through the commercials and that 1 hour show is now down to forty-two minutes (and I'm usually making jewelry while I'm watching).
  5. I have a great babysitter. She is fantastic at helping to keep my kids in line and fed...and my kids LOVE her. (More than me sometimes as they have been so kind to share as I'm taking away their favorite monster trucks for beating the crap out of each other.)
  6. I spend every possible moment doing something. This probably isn't quite the best as my brain probably does need some down time, but if I've got a minute, I'm busy. The ten or fifteen minutes I might have waiting on a client or getting to my next destination early is perfect for catching up on blog reading, sending out emails, or returning a few phone calls. And since I also spend a lot of time in a vet truck, I subscribe to some killer business podcasts and listen while driving.
  7. I have the best, most supportive spouse in the world. Parenting is something we both do. He knows when I'm in my office working that he's in charge. I can't also thank him enough for the help he gives me in the business.
I am anything but superwoman. I just play her on my blog.

Let me hear from you. What do you do to get through your day?


Anonymous said...

Number 2 is big in this house and we don't even have kids! Since I have major ADD I tend to leave things out where I can see them, since to me out of sight means 100% out of mind. That can lead to a lot of clutter but who cares? Not the people I have over to my house for sure!

Kathy said...


You are welcome to my house anytime. :)

Anonymous said...

Great post! It sounds as though the two of us (and our families) have a lot in common...

Thanks so much for sharing and for promoting my blog this week.


Katie @Pinke Post said...

Kathy, we live similar lives in many ways! But my husband supplies me with household items from our lumberyard...like he orders me laundry detergent. I need a grocery store man! My theory is I want my kids remembering me doing things with them and not cleaning floor boards all day. My house may be messy but I'd rather be doing things that I love! Great post.

messingashley said...

Great post Kathy! I feel like I've fallen out of my "superwoman" ways. I was a lot like this in college, I was go go go all the time and my plate was heaping full. I couldn't imagine doing all that and having three kids too!

You are an inspiration, but always remember that while working this hard to deserve down time too :)

Kathy said...

Ah yes, it sounds like we ALL need a spa day. Sigh.

Robin R. Rastani said...

Love this dose of reality! My new saying is, " life isn't perfect". This allows me to get over it... And just keep making progress.

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