Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The continuing conversation with Valerie D'Ortona

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What are your future plans with Isabel’s World?

Isabel’s World will be forever under development. What started as one whimsical “stick” cow has multiplied into hundreds of painted stories. I’m fascinated by the idea of merchandising Isabel’s World. I’ve already produced MOO-month Calendars (08 was the 4th year), MOO Mugs and MEOW Mugs, greeting cards, and post cards. I can “see” Isabel on children’s pajamas, bed sheets, wallpaper, and tee shirts.

One day, I intend to slow down long enough from other obligations to concentrate on putting books together. My children’s donor/transplantation book to honor my beloved son Tony consumes my entire focus now. When the book is complete, I will have to find a publisher—or an agent—which ever is supposed to come first. The rest will fall into place, I’m sure.

Meanwhile, as long as I can see and my painting hand functions, I intend to keep painting whatever nonsense pops into my head.
Picture credit: "Bovine Blossoms", watercolor on paper

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