Saturday, February 27, 2010

A conversation with Shannon Grissom: Part 12

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What else do you do besides your art?

For work? Lots!

I produce and host an instructional television series called "Give Your Walls Some Soul". (Think Bob Ross meets Emeril) It's in about 10 million cable households across the country.

I'm also in pre-production for a new television show where I find people who don't realize they are creative and teach them to go for it!

I write and sing my own music. I'm working on a CD and expect to complete it this year.

I'm working on a new novel, inspired by my own paintings.

And a few years back I wrote a picture book, Monkey Made of Sockies. The main character has now been licensed in to a line of golf club headcovers that are sold globally. We are giving a percentage of the profits to help kids with Prader-Willi Syndrome.

For play?

I love to go for walks/hikes in nature. I love to read just for pleasure.

Picture credit: "Happy Cows ver. 4"

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