Sunday, February 28, 2010

So what does a cattle veterinarian do?

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I consider myself a very lucky person. I get to combine several of my passions into a rather *unique* career. I can be a "doctor for cows" and a jewelry artist (all in the same day sometimes)! I do think about getting pictures of myself working while on the farms, but it just isn't a priority. My patients and clients deserve my full attention and quite frankly, it's just too busy sometimes to get some pictures.

Today I'm posting a link to a video by my twitter friend, Barbara Martin (@dairygoddess), who managed to get a great video of their dairy farm veterinarian doing an abdominal surgery on one of their cows. The surgery he is doing is to correct a displaced (in the wrong spot) abomasum (last compartment of the cow's stomach). This is a "common" surgery and I personally have done probably over 500 in my career. While it's not me in the video, it certainly represents what I do. (Just imagine someone shorter, longer hair, and no accent doing the surgery -- wink)

This video is from her blog post "Veterinarians Take Great Care of Our Cows on Our Dairy Farm."

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