Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday's agriculture website of interest: A FARM WIFE'S LIFE

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*For those new to the Cow Art and More blog, every Monday, blog author Kathy Swift shares and agricultural themed website of interest with readers.*

In looking through my favorite websites to share, I wanted to find something with lots of pictures showing farm crop harvest. Harvesting crops is a big part of farm life and generally happens all across the country in the fall (depending on the crop). While looking for a good website to share, I came across A Farm Wife's Life blog. The blog is a written by Janet Phillips, a farmwife in rural Kansas. Her latest entry shows soybean harvest, but she also chronicled their yearly corn harvest as well. She shares a ton of pictures, which are worth a "million words" all told. Janet also talks about her family life and shares a few recipes as well.

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Janet Phillips said...

Thanks so much for the post. It was great! I love your website and all you have on it!

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