Saturday, April 4, 2009

A conversation with Jon Ellis: Part 1

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Why do you paint?

I paint because it pleases me. It pleases me to free something into this world that was once confined only to my imagination. I love putting out my palette and unleashing all those fresh pure colors from their tubes. I love running the tip of my brush through fifteen or more dollops of paint and mixing the perfect color of my choosing. From the beginning to the end of my creative process, I have complete control. Painting and creating art is the 'only' thing in life I am able to control. Whether it took a month, six months or a year to create, when it is done I step back and take a deep breath. With a tremendous sense of satisfaction I stare at what I have brought into the world and feel like I have achieved something wonderful, something which feels nearly 'perfect', even if it is just a feeling.

Picture credit: "Big Tomato", acrylic painting

Click here to go to Cow Art and More to learn more about this image

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