Thursday, April 9, 2009

A conversation with Jon Ellis: Part 3

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What is your technique?

So many people are looking for short-cuts these days to make it look good without all the hard work. My technique is slow and laborious. I developed my techniques on my own over a long period of time. While I have a bachelor of fine arts from the Philadelphia College of Art, and had many amazing teachers, no one actually taught me to paint the way I do. My friend in college did turn me on to the best brushes in the world, which I still use today, particularly the 'triple zero' Windsor NewtonI series '7'. It is the ultimate brush for control! I use acrylic paint and layer my work utilizing dry brushing, feathering, glazing, and sometimes a touch of airbrush, if it is called for. By the time a work is completed there are between twenty and thirty layers of paint. It is incredibly hard to describe my technique as I don't think about how I do it anymore...I just do it.

Picture credit: "Thirsty Cow", acrylic painting

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