Saturday, June 13, 2009

A conversation with Jerry Gadamus: Part 5

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Where did you learn your technique?

I was in the service for 3 years on the GI bill. When I got back, I went to college for fine arts. My roommate asked me if I wanted an airbrush to try while he was going to get one for himself. Most people my age can remember “Vargas”, and airbrush artist who always did work with a nice gradation of color. I started using an airbrush in 1969. I began with a combination of airbrush and hand brush and practiced to be all airbrush. The company I purchased my airbrush from commissioned me back in the 1970’s to do a piece for them. This was only the second time they had commissioned a piece. The first time was from Vargas himself!

Picture credit: "More Milk Please", airbrush on canvas

Go to Cow Art and More to see more information about this airbrush painting

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