Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The inner workings of the office at Cow Art and More

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Just who runs this place anyway?

The office is run by me, Kathy McComb Swift, veterinarian and jewelry artist. I have a small commercial space to conduct some business, but mostly work from the dedicated office in my home since I usually have small children to tend to as well. I have two part time assistants with varied hours who help with taking orders, making deliveries and preparing company mailings. One of them may answer the phone when you call, but more than likely, I will be the one on the other end of the phone. Since I'm also a large animal veterinarian and mom, there are times when no one is available in the office to take phone calls and customers may have to leave a message for a return call.

One of my mantras for this business is to treat customers like how I want to be treated. For that reason, I will return phone messages and emails outside of normal business hours and am happy to speak with customers over the phone nights and weekends. I encourage patrons to call with any specific questions they may have, whether it be about the availability of a piece of art, art care instructions, or even the combined shipping cost possibilities. While I like to be able to offer many of the conveniences of large shopping chain stores, I also like providing the "high touch" aspect of customers being able to speak with someone knowledgeable and understanding of their needs, problems and concerns.

I also have a short video on the office at Cow Art and More so you can get a feel for what it's like here in the office.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea to bring your customers right there in your office! A great way to make customers to have that personal experience even though it is web me ideas Kathy! Great job and wonderful company! xxoo Barbara

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