Thursday, May 12, 2011

Have concerns about buying an original pastel?

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For those who might be hesitant to buy an original pastel painting

- Lots of pastels are still around done by the old masters – see Edgar Degas
- the pastel won’t fall off, (most artist use a sanded paper that holds the pastel very well).
- The colors won’t fade but don’t hang your painting in direct sunlight.
- A spacer should be used when framing a pastel (your framer should know but mention just in case)
o Spacer will be between painting and glass
- If a small painting, it won’t get lost if you put a mat around it – double mat looks the best
- Choose a frame that is medium in width – too small or too large doesn’t show off your painting

These art tips shared today by Carolyn Molder

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