Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Teaching others to agvocate

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No, the title is not misspelled. It's a combination of two words "agriculture and advocate". When I'm not mom, cattle veterinarian, jewelry artist, food enthusiast and rock music blasting girl, I'm active in helping teach others how to "agvocate" through social media as a part of the Agchat Foundation. I was in Nashville, Tennessee earlier this week, along with others involved in agriculture, to teach and learn how to more effectively use social media to connect farmers and consumers. A diverse group of farmers and agriculture business professionals were in attendance, which allowed for even more opportunities for networking and shared learning.

MANY thanks to The Tennessean for capturing a video of the event showing their readers that connecting with a farmer is only as far away as your twitter account. You're also invited to view pictures from two other agvocates in attendance: John Blue of Truffle Media (@trufflemedia) and Agwired's Chuck Zimmerman (@agwired). If you would like to learn more about why people would want to attend our annual conference, please read the blog post on the Agchat Foundation site by farmer Jan Hoadley (@slowmoneyfarm) who attended our first conference in 2010 and was invited to be a speaker this year.

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