Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What happens when I place an order for cow art?

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Is this like a huge warehouse with conveyors and fork lifts, or is it in someone's basement with little minions running around?

Somewhere in between in probably how I would describe it.

When you place an order online, the shopping cart system generates a message that there is a order to fill, along with the details of the order (items ordered, contact information, shipping address). If you call to place an order or fax us an order, it gets entered into our computer system and the same message is generated. A copy of the order gets sent to the person or business filling the order. Why does this happen? Because Cow Art and More does not maintain an inventory of all the art we sell.

What? I'm calling to order an art print and you don't even have it there? What's up with that?

The number one reason we have a limited in-house inventory is to keep our costs lower. Maintaining an inventory of all the art we sell would mean having a larger office space and hiring a larger staff to maintain the inventory. Since we have a smaller amount of art to maintain at headquarters, Cow Art and More is able to sell art at a lower price than you would expect to find in a brick and mortar gallery. Approximately one-third of the art is maintained here, while the other two thirds is kept by the creating artists in their studio. (Since the art would have to be shipped out to Cow Art and More AND shipped out to a customer, why not only ship it once?)

The other useful feature of our system is that when an order is received, the shopping cart system automatically generates an email to the creating artist that an order needs to be filled, without headquarters needing to be involved. This allows the customer to get the fastest service possible. Customers can expect to have their orders shipped within two business days unless notified otherwise. (Some of our art gets created when ordered. It's another way for us to keep costs down and pass those savings along to customers.) If your order is coming directly from Cow Art and More's office in Florida, you will receive an email with the package tracking number when your order ships. (Orders ship via postal mail unless you're notified otherwise.)

If you ever have any concerns about how your order is handled, time frame to receive, packaging questions, (or anything else for that matter), drop an email to info@cowartandmore.com. What other shipping questions or concerns do you have?

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