Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kent talks about taking photographs

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Why do you take photographs?

Good question - not sure. I guess I just love capturing all the beauty around. I suppose that's the cliche answer, but it is true. On a deeper level I, like so many other artists, believe we are seeing things in a way that no one else is. That our perspective is unique. It may or may not be. This is one of the reason I fell in love with infrared black & white photography. Even when I think I'm seeing something different or unique, the infrared aspect takes it to a surreal level. A scene shifts from reality to something more of a dream state. I guess another big reason I photograph is to share. I love showing my images and sharing the excitement of photography with family, friends, and clients. There's nothing like walking into a business or client's home and seeing a finished image hanging eight feet wide for all to view.

Picture credit: "Bovine Shade" 36" inch wide by 16" high archival giclee print or signed, numbered, framed limited edition print of the original infrared photograph

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