Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday's agriculture website - Krazy Coupon Lady

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Okay, so this technically isn't an agriculture website, except we all have to eat right? As the price of gas and grocery shopping continues to squeeze wallets, who hasn't thought about using coupons? There are tons of couponing sites out there, but the one I've been using most lately is for the Krazy Coupon Lady. Not only does the site list the sales and coupons for a variety of grocery stores, it also shares coupons for major department store chains. The site also gives other tips for saving money and points to other links that share coupons. For me, the most useful part has been the listings of the items on sale at my local grocery store, plus a link to an online coupon to make the item an even better deal. It also has a "10 day boot camp" article to make you a bona fide coupon shopping "krazy lady".

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