Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Booth lighting at the National Holstein Convention

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In selling art at the National Holstein Convention, the Cow Art and More booth will be inside a convention center complex. While of course the lights will be on, it won't be enough for visitors to get a really good, detail look at our art. Extra spotlights will help shoppers see better and give the art the "wow" factor it deserves.

I will be using two foot track lighting sections with adjustable gooseneck pendant lamps. Why go with these? First of all, I bought a total of 3 two foot track sections. These can easily pack in a suitcase and don't have to travel as one 6 foot long piece. The gooseneck lamps are nice in that they can be moved to focus light EXACTLY where it needs to go.

In case you're not electrically inclined (like myself), there are connectors (like the one shown here) and power sources that allow the whole thing to come together.

I will use zip ties to hang the finished light fixture to the top railing of the booth.

There will be a total of two of these at the show. I don't want customers to strain to see what they're looking at.

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