Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday's agriculture website of interest: MEAT SCIENCE AND MUSCLE FOODS

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Today's agricultural website of interest is the Meat is Neat blog, maintained by meat scientist, Dr. Chris Raines. Chris is the Extension Meats Specialist and is an Assistant Professor at Penn State University in the Department of Dairy & Animal Science. He researches factors that affect meat quality, and helps meat processors, large and small, national and local, with the quality and safety of the food they produce.

The Meat is Neat blog follows his experiences and thoughts about meat as food – where it comes from, how it’s produced, how people consume it, and the health implications of it. Some entries may be highly technical, and others may be total stream-of-consciousness. Some entries might address hot-button topics facing meat today, while other entries might address long-term ideas or speculative ideas about meat in the future.

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