Saturday, August 7, 2010

Q & A with Michael Murray Part 3

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What is your technique?

I use toy animals for most of my pictures, which I photograph outdoors to benefit from the natural light for more realistic shadows and contrast. I then chose the best one to use, and using Photoshop remove the ground, enhance the shadow, and adjust the contrast, levels and colors until I'm satisfied. I then arrange the image according to my design and add any extra elements such as sports equipment and textures.

For the more complex architectural scenes I use Google or Bing maps as reference material, 3D software to create the buildings and shadows, and then Photoshop to add textures, colors and animals. The initial stage of sketching the layout and design is paramount as it saves a lot of stress and decision making later on in the process.

Finished designs are then either printed on the highest quality Kodak paper and mounted to be sold as prints, or taken to the framers who are very experienced with framing contemporary photographic pieces. I generally chose large impressive frames for maximum impact.

Picture credit: "Soccer Cows", digital photography, printed on Kodak paper

Click here to learn more about this cow art photograph

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