Saturday, December 4, 2010

Meet digital artist Beth Dunn

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May 2010's featured artist was digital artist Beth Dunn. Beth enjoys taking pictures of her subjects, then uses her computer to manipulate the images to create a "new perspective" on a familiar subject. Beth also enjoys a career as a graphic design artist assisting with logo designs and magazine layouts.

How did you get started?

My love for art started once I could hold a crayon in my hands! I love color, and am a visual person, therefore I respond more visually than any other way. I realized I could use artwork not only (later in life) as a career, but ultimately as a way to express who I am as a person, using color and composition.

Why do you do photography and digital art?

I love designing and creating artwork that has impact, evokes thought & emotion, and portrays my personality. For graphic design, I am a perfectionist. I meet every detail requested by the client. For my traditional artwork, I express emotion not only in the composition, but by the type of medium I am using for that particular piece. For instance, I can express intense emotion using ink and paint, rather than composing a piece digitally. Digital artwork is a more precise and delicate work. With using paints & inks, pencils and charcoals, I can whip up something in minutes rather than spending days on a piece by digital means.

What is your technique?

Digitally, my technique is layering. I use a lot of color and texture in my digital work. Traditionally, my technique is inspired by emotion and the type of medium I have chosen for that particular piece--mostly free-form.

How long does it take you to get the average creation?

Traditional works can be created from a few minutes to a few hours. Digital works can take hours upon days of completion.

Where do you get your inspiration?

For my design work, my inspiration comes ultimately from shapes and color, and significant to client's requests. Traditionally, my inspiration, again, is sparked by emotion and/or events.

How did you get interested in creating the art of farm animals?

Farm animals are not a part of my daily work, so it is a challenge to incorporate them into an art piece. I am always up for a challenge, and I like to manipulate digitally forms, shapes, colors and compositions of these animals. Pop art is a fun way to utilize this technique.

What would you like to do more of in the future?

I would like to create more traditional works to show at various art festivals and art-related outlets. I would also like to create my own accessory line, featuring my pop artwork, including my cow prints.

Do you ever have goof-ups or work you don't like?

Most all of my works are the result of at least one goof-up. That is how I taught myself layering (digitally) because if I liked one aspect, but not the whole, I found out I could add a layer and manipulate until I found a balance I liked.

What else do you do besides your art?

I am married and we love to travel when time permits. I love nature, and traveling to the mountains, going to art festivals, networking (online and in person), and helping others who are just starting out in the art field and graphic design. I also spend most of my time learning new design techniques.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

My advice is to finish what you start. If you decide art is your life, and you would like to pursue it as a career, to seek training in a particular area (cartooning, illustration, graphic design, etc) so you can not only excel in your field, but be able to train others and mostly inspire other aspiring artists.

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