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Become acquainted with painter and pastel artist Robin Maria Pedrero

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Cow Art and More featured pastel drawing artist and painter Robin Maria Pedrero in September 2009. Robin is a well-known central Florida artist that both paints and draws with pastels. She has been published in several magazines and has won numerous awards from art shows and art societies across the southeast. Robin is also an elected member of the Pastel Society of America, which is reflected by the PSA designation behind the signature on her work. Robin will participate in an exhibit in Berlin, Germany, in May 2011.

Why do you paint/draw?

There are various reasons as to why I paint and draw. I could say it is a compulsion where I am able to capture a fleeting experience or emotion, a visual form of homage to creation.

What is your technique?

I work in several mediums and the techniques vary for each. At times when I am immersed in the creative process I cover the studio with 7 – 20 pieces in progress strewn on tables, easels, the wall and floor. In pastel, I start at the farthest point in the distance and build layers towards what is closer and more detailed. In acrylics and mixed media I capture life and simple pleasures applying rhythmic patterns and geometrics in translucent layers. In all mediums, I personify nature through color and movement evoking moods of transition, strength, joy and serenity. I use a symbolic visual language exploring the visible and invisible creating a commentary on relationships and thoughts. As I work the images can be unexpected flowing from gathered memories. Within the placed pigment I enhance my perceptions of faces, animals, cities or fauna to share them with viewers. Then I let the work be and come back to it with fresh eyes and work some more until finished. Repeat

Where did you learn your technique?

My technique is a culmination of years of working, creating, building habits and trying new things. I have enjoyed a few workshops through the years and have a foundation of study with master artists.

How do you decide what to paint/draw?

I create what attracts me. The decision of specifics is part of the artistic judgments made throughout the creative process. Unless it is a commission and then the subject is usually their choice via my hand.

How long does it take you to get an average piece of art?

Sometimes I plan or see the piece in my head for days, weeks, even months. Other pieces form by just coming before a blank page and placing marks or color until the piece evolves. It varies with subject matter and medium. An average piece of art might take one hour, two hours perhaps three hours to even seventy two hours over a period of a few weeks or months. Oils can take longer. Part of the process is also having distance and coming back to work on the piece with a fresh perspective.

Do you ever have goof ups or work you don’t like?

Yes. One advantage of making art is that it is usually a solitary environment, so the less favorable pieces can go unseen, covered up, tossed or used as a teaching tool.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Influences and inspiration are daily occurrences, experienced through all of the senses. My visual journey encompasses my life; family, friends, travel, nature, meals, introspection, books, art, music and worship. The work begins internally and then is brought to the surface, literally.

What else do you do besides your art?

I travel. I spend time with my family and Shui tzu Max, we swim, walk, garden, and explore. I listen to music and dance while making art! I mentor and teach (just a little). I twitter, facebook and blog. I am an active member of several women's, business and art groups. I would be glad to share more on any of them with those who are interested. Presently I am reading "de Kooning". I go to art events...and hope you do too!

What advice to you have for aspiring painters?

There is a preciousness, unpredictability,and endurance to art so have integrity, balance, keep learning, follow positive examples, become a role mode, take courage, thicken your skin for reviews and critiques, and breathe. Don’t be too desperate for the sale. Protect your health, making art can be hazardous. It is a gift to make art, stay well so you can share it.

What would you like to do more of in the future?

I believe that my art makes a difference in people’s lives and I will continue to make art. In my future I want my work in more Museums, galleries, corporations, institutions and collected worldwide.

What else would you like people to know about your art that they may not know already?

My collectors are precious, they receive my new art news, postcards, gifts and special invites shows and my sacred studio space. They are part of a bigger picture as one of my collectors, they make a difference as I donate a percentage of proceeds to select charities, like the International Justice Mission, Make a Wish, The Golden Rule Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and more.

If you see PSA after my signature that signifies that I am an elected Signature member of the Pastel Society of America.

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