Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Portable art gallery lighting

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Part of having a good art show booth display is to make sure customers can actually see what you're trying to sell. This sounds like a "duh", I know, but extra lighting can make or break the success of a booth. Even though the Cow Art and More art show booth at the Holstein convention is indoors in the convention center, the lights won't be enough. I'm going to need to take lights with me.

There are several lighting options, but what works best for me is a portable (which really isn't meant to be portable) track lighting system. I will be taking three two foot track sections with gooseneck lights purchased from one of those major home improvement retailers. Why two foot sections you might ask? Portability! I can take these apart versus trying to bring a 6 foot track in the back of a SUV.

To get the tracks back together, I use connectors and put covers over them. I also have it wired to an electrical cord at the end.

This is what the finished track looks like when it's hung and lit. I've attached it to a cross bar above the top front of the booth (this picture is from a different show) with cable ties. The gooseneck pendant lamps are adjustable, so I can pose them to shine light exactly where I want them too.

You can't have too much lighting!


Kath Reilly said...

HI - was looking to see if there is such a thing as portable gallery lighting and found this article. Could you tell me where you bought these parts? Especially the long flexible light. It looks like the perfect thing for what I need - lights that are portable to shine on my art. Thanks, kath

Resin Obsession Katherine said...

I got them in 2 foot sections at

bluet said...

Hi there !
I will be doing my first show in a pipe and drape facility where I have to bring my own lighting.
I was searching and it was a little expensive until I found your post.
Thank you so much !
For what I see in your picture,you only put the light's track on the front pipe.
Is that good enough for a 10x10 booth ?
I will really appreciate your help.
Thank you very much !

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