Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A conversation with Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson: Part 6

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How do you decide what to paint, draw and model?

I like to work in a series of images so that this question is answered for me for a few paintings at a time! I am lucky enough to be represented by several art galleries who will help me with suggestions of images that they feel would sell or would work with a show or theme they are promoting. I also have a big solo show in September at the Maitland Art Center which they have asked me to create pieces related to music. I will be showing 35-40 collages in this exhibition. That's helped me decide what to paint for a while!

Photo credit: Elizabeth enjoying some time with a local boy scout troop


steven edward streight said...

I'm very interested in scouting. I used to serve on the web development committee of the WD Boyce Council - BSA in Peoria.

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

The cub scouts were earning a badge in art, they had to visit the studio of a working artist. They came to my studio and we talked about collage and the color wheel. The kids were cute and they all had their own stories to share about art, they really liked the studio space and the mannequin named "Moppolin" I volunteer at my elementary school once a month to teach art to the students in grades 4 and 5, it's very fulfilling to work with kids.

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