Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jo Lynch - How do you decide what to paint?

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How do you decide what to paint?

I am blessed in that I can paint whatever I choose, and I decide simply by what appeals to me, or how I feel on a certain day. I have no commitment to anyone but myself, so I am rich in the fact that I can paint what I desire. I usually do not feel interested in painting the same subject more than once or twice a year. If I paint a sea turtle, then I no longer have that desire for a while, but look for something entirely different. I currently live in Florida and have been interested in our sea life and wild life here as it was new to me. Sea Turtles, Manatees, Pelicans, Dolphins and other Florida wildlife have interested me these last years along with dogs, cats, birds, and can you say most living creatures... :) I also love large flower shapes, buildings and even landscapes. I don't seem to do much with the buildings and landscapes anymore, but if I could paint 24/7, then I'm sure they'd be a part of my choices.

Photo credit: Jo painting on the streets of France

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