Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Watercolor artist Jo Lynch - What is your technique?

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What is your technique?

I consider my technique loose, which means I prefer not to paint everything I see, but to give a loose interpretation of reality. I also love design, shapes, and the emotion one gets from looking at something. I think that inherently I have a feel for design, rhythm and balance. I love making shapes, thus the "Whimzicals (tm) were born. I didn't begin the "whimzical style" until 2006. I was playing around with a frog painting, and painted the first "whimzical"... It pleased me, and the "whimzicals took off from there.

Picture credit: "The Placid Cow", watercolor on paper

Click here to learn more about this cow watercolor painting

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George Luker said...

I you have an amazing blog and site, very nice cattle art. Very impressed with the posts I have read so far. I sent a link to my daughter, she is the artist in the family, she is going to love your blog.

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