Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jo Lynch - painting advice

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What advice to you have for aspiring artists?

I once read in a drawing book that you have to draw every day, everything you see, and this will continue your skill and growth as an artist. I believe it is true, and I'm guilty of NOT doing enough of the daily drawing. I think this helps creativity along with skill. They meant draw EVERYTHING. The junk under your kitchen sink, whatever is on the table, what you see in front of you anywhere, anytime. Draw every day to get better. If you can't draw well, then your paintings will not be good. I also believe interacting with other artists is also very helpful to becoming a better artist, and one needs to learn to listen to criticism. Skip's critique's were brutal, but I feel I learned more from what he said than anywhere else. Later a group of us that had taken art with Skip formed our own group, meeting once a week to paint on location. We painted, then we critiqued our own art. I think this is a valuable tool for artists also... Be open to new ideas, be open to other artists and art forms.

Picture credit: "Horse of Many Colors", watercolor on paper

Click here to learn more about this horse painting

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