Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jo Lynch - other interests

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What else do you do besides your art?

My husband and I have been avid travelers, and have always loved seeing new places, and new things. Luckily we both also love most sports and we've tried almost all of them. We taught Scuba diving in the 60's, learned to ski in our 40's, skied all over the world including Switzerland and Italy. We have done Geocaching, Racquetball, bowling, golf, curling, bocce, iceskating, hiking and RV travel. We did a summer in Alaska and have spent much time in our later years in the Western United States. Our country has so much to offer. I am also an avid reader and an avid computer person with an endless curiosity. I've been using the computer since 1980 when the first home computers really didn't do much and they didn't even have a hard drive. I consider myself blessed with my family, my life and my gift of art...

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