Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday's agricultural website: American Humane Certified

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Today's agricultural website to share with readers is for The Humane Touch. I didn't know much about the group until I had the chance to interact with them on twitter last week in our weekly #agchat conversation. (The group can be found @humanetouch.) The Humane Touch was formed in 1877, with a mission to raise the awareness and importance of ensuring the welfare of both children and animals, becoming the first national organization in America to champion the cause. Today, they offer the American Humane certification program, a science-based farm animal welfare program built around a comprehensive set of standards and audits. A part of the program is encouraging consumers to learn more about the animal welfare measures taken by farmers in raising, handling and selling food.

What I was most satisfied to learn about the organization is that it does not take a "one size fits all approach". Each farm is individually assessed and scored based upon their resources and management. They also make a point to continually evaluate producers as to give consumers confidence that a passing evaluation was not a single point event.

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